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Good, you came to the right place!Hi, my name is Chantal Sarkisian and I am a new mom who had a sweet baby boy named Victor in Feb 2013. Join me on this blog to follow my new mommy journey while I am on my maternity leave. I'll ramble quickly about all the random thoughts that go through my head when I am feeding in the middle of the night, or trying to put my son to sleep. I'll also blog about my favourite things, give you helpful tools, and explore activities to do (mostly in the Ottawa region) with kids and maybe some product reviews too! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 5 things I thought I would never do as a new mom

If there is a person that I know the least, it has to be me! Before I has Little man, I had preconceived ideas of how I wanted to raise my child. Let me tell you that once reality sets in, you end up doing things you told yourself you would never do... here are mine:

  1. Use a pacifier. I now know why mothers use them! I used to feel sorry when parents would shove a suce in a whining baby's mouth. Now I get it! I don't use it all the time, but it really helps  Little man fall asleep. He takes it out when he doesn't want it, which I think is great :) He's not a cry baby, which might explain why we don't need it often. Also a must in the car if you need to give yourself more time.   I used the ortho soothers that are one piece silicone.
  2. Use a Family Sticker on my Murano! Yup, I caved when I got it as a gift, I slapped that thing on as a "baby on board". My husband and I agreed that we would NOT have one for he and I!
  3. Feed my child store bought baby food. We went on a camping trip and I was really tempted by the convenience of it all. In the end it's not terrible, but making your own food is way more fun and tasty.
  4. Play "Dress up" with my son. I didn't know what I was having, and I always thought that I would just put my baby in pyjamas for the first 6 month of their lives. I had a whole pile of neutral jammies and figured I was set. WRONG! Those who know me, know that I love dressing my son and accessorizing too! Since I didn't have a girl, I am still fulfilling this desire by making sure my son is always dressed to the nines! I doubted my abilities at first to dress a boy, but once you find your style... it's pretty easy.
  5. Last but not least Formula Feed. This is a touchy subject, but when breastfeeding doesn't go as planned, you really have no choice.
Did you have any hindsight reality checks when you became a mom? Please share in the comments below.

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