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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Momma friendly burger joint in Ottawa

I answered an ad on the Burgers and Fries Forever Facebook page to volunteer for their photoshoot today. What I got out of it was a great contact for my network and a free delicious burger & fries!
Also, I am probably gonna be famous in Ottawa for showing everyone how I eat a burger like a momma.. in less than 2 minutes with a sloppy face!

Actually, I was sans-bébé and had a fabulous time chatting up my new friend and eating with two hands, without interruptions... and my food was hot! hahaha

When my friend launched Burgers and Fries Forever, I immediately asked him if this place was baby friendly. And to my excitement, he listened to my advice and added a baby changing station in the staff bathroom (neutral zone.. so smart!) and added one high chair in the resto. Now that's catering to mommas! If you feel like keeping your hip self alive and want to go on a mini foodie outing, BFF is the place to go.

The burgers are great, and come in all sorts of interesting combos, from the Mexican to the Indian, there is a burger tailored just for you. You can also custom create your own burger too. They treat fries equally and offer yummy dressed fries. They also pride themselves on  using local ingredients. I love it! I am sold!

Me devouring my 'American' burger
Voici l'Américain! Il est delicieux :) Don't forget the fries,
They are considered "equals" here.
Behind the scenes of the Burgers and Fries Forever (BFF) photoshoot.
I can't wait to see what the pics will look like. I hope I don't regret acting a foo! hahaha

How's your weekend going so far? Please leave your comments below!

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