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Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Pictures 101

If you are anything like me, there is nothing more valuable to you than a beautiful professional picture taken of your family.

I know it's not for everyone, and it's not necessarily a vanity thing… It's mostly because I am the family photographer, so I don't always show up in the pictures. Oh, my first world problems! Anyway, when I die, there will be loads of professional pictures taken of me, and people will only remember how great I looked (because I had hair and makeup done in all the photos ;) ). Mouahahahaha

Ok, back to business. You may think I am crazy for talking about Christmas photos in early November, but trust me when I say, YOU NEED TO BOOK EARLY! The good photographers in the city are always booked up! Plus there is so much planning that goes into this, and you need time to prepare.

Because I have experience with both pre-natal and family (us with a 9 month old) photos, I decided to write a post to help you plan and prepare for these special moments. These are not just pictures, these are the memories you are creating for the future. This is why you should pay attention to your clothes, your hair, your props and keep the photo style as classic as possible! Don't forget to make it "YOU", if the photo doesn't match your style or personality, you won't be happy sharing them with your friends and family.

Love the vintage truck and the custom hat I had made.

Maternity photos from Nov 2012.
We didn't know the sex so we went with "Baby Day".
  • Plan ahead- book your appointment a few months before you need the pictures. Not only does the photographer get booked, you need some time to receive the images as well. We waited about 2 weeks, witch is faster than industry standards. Note that wedding pictures take much longer because you have so much more coverage.
  • New born pictures are fairly complicated, you need to book for around 10-12 days to get the squishy sleeping pictures. They are also more fussy, so you need more time to get it all done right. I did my own new born pictures, so I don't have advice to give you here.
  • Photo sessions take about 45 min to 1 hr depending on the photographer. You really don't need more than that. Kids get tired easily and you don't need hundreds of the same picture. Just one great shot matters!
  • Ask the photographer about props and outfit changes. The older the kids are, the faster you can change them. Some photographers have lots of great props (like mine), but you may want to bring your own things to keep it original. Props can make or break your image. It's a fragile zone between cute and cheesy… so be careful. You've been warned!
  • Plan your outfits. It should be coordinated but not matching. For example, we chose dark outfits with pops of red (my lipstick, V's bow tie) and plaid on Michael and V's shirt. I was so stressed about what I should wear. I wanted to go "cozy" but bulky clothes is not the most flattering on me nor is it a classic look. I am happy with our outfit choices. We look comfortable, clean and classic!
  • Put some thought into your props. I like the antique feel, and that's my choice of decor at home. I like original prices like my mistletoe. I bought this for my pregnancy shoot and used it again for our family shoot. I also had a hat made for Victor to support a fellow mom's business. I did a bit of Pinter-research to get inspired too. 
  • Make sure you book the session at a good time where baby will have had a nap and food. They need to be rested because it's a lot of work for them. 9 months is a good age because they can smile, they can sit up, they can't walk yet so they will stay put. Get the good pictures out of the way, because their energy doesn't last.
  • Make sure you like your hair, that you put on makeup (while still looking like yourself) and have the men with clean hair and shaven face. You can't look scruffy, unless that's the look you are going for. Photographers always complement on my makeup, and I later tell them that I am a makeup artist, which helps :)
  • Be organized on the day of the shoot. As you know I love lists and I would die without them. Again, if I die, there will be great photos of me (full circle, see how I did that?) haha. For real though, make sure you have payment, your props, your list of photo ideas, outfit changes, your diaper bag with milk and snacks, baby's favourite toy for distraction and give yourself enough time to get beautiful!
  • And for all photos, smile, have fun and be yourself! Candid shots are gorgeous, just like the posed ones can be as well.
Have you planned a shoot? Need some help or inspiration? Leave your comments below, I'd love to help!

Fun sox are a great way to make an expression!

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