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Good, you came to the right place!Hi, my name is Chantal Sarkisian and I am a new mom who had a sweet baby boy named Victor in Feb 2013. Join me on this blog to follow my new mommy journey while I am on my maternity leave. I'll ramble quickly about all the random thoughts that go through my head when I am feeding in the middle of the night, or trying to put my son to sleep. I'll also blog about my favourite things, give you helpful tools, and explore activities to do (mostly in the Ottawa region) with kids and maybe some product reviews too! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two too many tantrums

So, it's Victor's birthday in a few weeks, little man is turning two. 

As I sit here for a minute, and take a deep breath in, I wonder if he's ever gonna go to sleep! He's been crying straight for over an hour. Between a poopy diaper and 2 attempts at sneaking out of his room and calling out "Chantal Mama".. I'm at my wits end.
I don't think the terrible twos are about them, I think they are worse for the parents. You almost forget how to take care of a high needs baby. If this was him at 3 months, it would easy breezy. 

For the last year, I've had decent sleep, easy meals, quick diaper changes and pleasant day trips. Say goodbye to this honeymoon before its all over. Everything now comes with a tantrum, tears and terror! 

As much as grandparents can come save you when you need it most, it comes at a high price. Don't be shocked when they become worse when they come home! You'll have to retrain and remold them. That's a lot of work, almost not worth it.

I'm so exhausted I might jump out the window! I just don't know what to do. Scream? Ignore? None of it seems to be working.

Please pray for me tonight.


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