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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Makeup for Momma

As you know, I was a makeup artist in my past life, sans-bébé!

I've been looking for that perfect pink lipstick, not too Barbie, not too red, not too brown, not too coral... Like a dark berry lip. Anyhow, I'm still on the quest. 

I hate to deviate from MAC products, I'm hooked. I like their recycling program and price point for the quality. Sadly, they don't carry the colour I'm looking for, but I'm using "girl about town" for now, until I find the right tone.

The thing I love about lipstick is that paired with a simple blush and mascara, it can really look dressy and only takes a few minutes.

You're probably thinking... "Ya, I'd love to wear lipstick, but I don't have time to reapply and fuss about it getting on my teeth or bleed away". 

Well, lucky for you I'm sharing my secrets with you today! I use MAC lip primer wich is a must! It holds the lip colour in place and avoids smudging. I can't wear colour without it!
Second, I discovered a clear lip liner (no bleeding liner, Shoppers Drugmart, $17) that helps with the bleeding and you basically never have to buy colour liner again! It's always the perfect match :)

1- start with the lip primer
2- trace lips with clear liner
3- put on lip colour of choice
4- go back with the clear liner and trace lips out until your edges are perfect!
5- Optional is to blot with Kleenex or dust with a light powder to lock it in. But this technique removes the shine.

Have fun galmming it up mommas!

Ok, if you leave a comment on my blog and share this post on Facebook, you will be entered to win a mini momma makeover with Me2Morph! When you leave your comment make sure you write down where you hear about the contest.
Warning- you will be featured on the blog as a "before and after"!

The winner will be selected at random on February 6th (V's first birthday!) at 12:00 p.m. I will announce the winner on the blog.


  1. Love the pink!!! I need a mini momma makeover. Maybe before a date night!?!