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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Momma in Christmas Mode

Christmas at the Day residence started early this year. We have been so busy just trying to catch up with life, friends, family, work and baby. I know being really busy is partly my fault, but it's my way of life. I just can't miss a beat! Life is too short.

The early Christmas bird catches the party worm. It all started with setting up the Christmas tree in late November. You can read more about   my First Christmas post.  We had a very early start with our first Christmas party of the season. You need to book early with your friends if you want to see them at all during the holidays. Everyone is so busy with their own growing families and it's getting harder to get the whole gang together. We had a blast as usual! Because we always stuff ourselves before the main course, I chose to have an appetizer only party this time and what a success it was! Everyone brought a very intricate homemade appetizer. The smorgasbord of canapés included a cheese board, baguette, red pepper jelly, olives, quinoa lettuce wraps, bite size moussaka disks, potato salad, mushroom crustinis, homemade pizza, chocolate covered pretzels and my famous prosciutto wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates. I wish I took a picture of my "pinterest" table… but we actually banned our phones from the party and had them all lined up on the kitchen counter. You know you are having fun when you don't have time to play with your phone. My favourite part of the evening was when we all squished at the coffee table to eat our meal. I earned some new scratches on my hardwood floor from people sitting down, but I see it as a memory of the evening.

After the tree, came the Christmas cards! I love the cards I had done with Vista Print. A small fortune, but worth every penny. I wish I would have bought more to send to everyone, but momma is on a budget. I am happy to report that all cards were sent by December 1rst with lots of time to spare!

My Christmas card production line. I sent over 60 cards this year.
Lots of work, but worth every minute!
Farmboy Organic Eggnog in my coffee is my fuel for getting ready for Christmas!
I never really cared for eggnog until I tried this. It tastes natural and oh so creamy.

Christmas shopping this year for me was a breeze. As you know, I am now addicted to "Online Shopping"and managed to complete most of my gift this way. The best part is that I use Ebates, which is a great way to save and make money while you are shopping. I feel like a commercial when I tell people about it, but it's really the best. I just got my first cheque for $16. It's not much, but it's more than what you would get if you were to buy it in the store. If you pay attention to their promotions, you can really save big! Also, who doesn't love receiving mail at home that isn't a bill! I try my best to avoid paying for shipping as well.
All my gifts are wrapped and under the tree! I chose to stick to my rustic theme this year and wrapped my gifts in brown paper. I found the cutest stamps at Target to help me with my project. I loved using these stamps but may have gone a tad over-board on some of the gifts… hahah. Oh well, all in good fun. The stamp I loved using the most was the "To:/From:" tag. How brilliant! And for $7, I can use these stamps for a long long time. Great investment if you ask me :)

Having fun with gift wrapping. Keeping it rustic with stamps, twine and brown paper.

Final product! My first rustic style Christmas tree!
I am happy with the results and hope to carry on the tradition for the next years to come.

Victor's first time on Santa's lap. He did great, but started crying at the end :(
We saw Santa at Bayshore and were given a free picture and ear muffs (every Monday!).
Attention readers: Announcing my first blog giveaway!
The following is for all of my amazing readers who have supported my blog and provided me with your feedback, shared your comments and given me inspiration. I am so happy to announce my first ever giveaway.
In the spirit of Christmas, I am raffling off two tickets to the "Originals Ottawa Christmas Craft Sale"! Please share your comments below on what your favourite thing is during Christmas. I will choose a winner at random on Tuesday morning. Hint, hint, I am available to go to the show with you ;) hahaha
Good luck, and please don't forget to share this post in the holiday spirit!
Thank you to the folks at Signatures Shows Ltd. for giving us these free tickets.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
~We wish you and your families health and happiness in 2014~


  1. The music! From Bieber to Buble, Mariah Carey to Boney M, She and Him to Bing...I love it all! Cheesy, old, new, pop, indie, classical,'s the only time I listen to music to from all genres and eras without judgement. I also really love Bailey's though. That's a close second.

  2. Congrats Val! You are THE lucky winner ;)