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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nursery School and almost 2

This week, on the coldest and snowiest week of the season, Victor started Nursery School. It's a French educational environment. I am just thrilled that it is so close to home and on my way to work in the mornings. I can't believe how much he has grown in the last year, it's amazing. He is a smart little boy with a vast vocabulary. He loves all motorized things like cars, trucks, tractors, bikes and buses. He can identify almost every letter from the alphabet and tell me a word that starts with that letter. He can count to three, knows his basic colours and knows the first name of every member of his immediate family.

My husband and I dropped V off on Monday morning, so we can get acquainted with Victor. He was very sad, clingy and started to cry. I was so emotional and couldn't hold back the tears. I never worried about Victor that much, ever. He is always with family and I am never worried like that. Of course, when it came time to pick him up he was running around laughing and hugging all the kiddies. How cute. I have this sweet little bear that just has so much love to give. I bet he will be the germy kid though, so I must teach him to stay away from the sick kids!!

Today is day three and he is starting to understand (and revolt) the routine. He is very whiny in the mornings and cries "no" when we leave the house. He gets quiet when I drop him off, but he get acclimatized very easily. By the end of the day, he is happy as a clam and happy to see me! (Not usually the case when he is with his grandparents...)

Overall, the teachers are very impressed with V and tells me he fits in just perfectly. His daily reports are always good and that makes me proud ;)

Have you done the daycare/school routine? Are you anticipating it? What was your experience like? I would love to know!
Victor on his first day of school! Also the first cold snowy day of the year.

Victor getting acquainted with his locker and surroundings. A bit shy at first.
PS- Oh ya, V is turning 2 in 1 month and I have no idea what to do for his birthday :S Any thoughts?

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