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Friday, November 22, 2013

Off Road Cooking: New teeth, new texture

V enjoying his Avocado and Omelette
Little man is so over purées.

Of course, as I settle into a routine and get comfortable cooking for him, V has to change it up! I was wondering why he was rejecting the last few meals I was giving him. Then it dawned on me when I was at a baby group and saw other kids eating cubed food… DUH! V is ready to chew with his new top teeth!

Now the challenge is, what do I feed him that he can chew, while maintaining the nutrients he requires? I put my creative "Off Road Cooking" hat on and came up with this: Spinach, mushroom and cheese omelette with cubed avocado.

He really loves chewing his food. Feeding takes three times as long now and you really have to watch for choking. Oddly enough, V doesn't put things in his mouth (like toys), which means he needs me to feed him because he doesn't know that he can put the food in his mouth :( He also prefers that I feed him with my fingers rather than using a spoon... Mr. Picky!

He is slowly learning to touch and pick up the food with his delicate hands (even if he ends up squishing it in his palms). V is also learning to use his sippy cup… he knows how to drink from it, and is working on holding it up himself. Warning- it gets dirty! I need to let go of the "messy"factor and just let him be a kid. I never realized that I am such a clean freak when it comes to baby mess. 

I just love watching V when he eats. His little mouth moving in new ways to accommodate for front teeth chewing, his dextrous fingers picking up small slippery food. I think because he is at eye level with me, it's a new angle that allows me to observe him closely. The high chair is also a great spot to teach things like "hands up" (baby hands up…) and "clap" because you have their undivided attention. V is getting really good at both.

Are you feeding baby stage 2 solids? Any good/easy recipes to share? Leave your comments below!

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