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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Off Road Cooking: a fancy feast

Some dinner inspiration for you all!

I haven't been home for a few days and today I decided to dedicate myself to little man's nutrition! We were visiting a friend in Thunder Bay and I fed V more store bought baby food than usual (Baby Gourmet is the brand I go for) which gave him terribly smelly number twos (sorry for the over share). I think this is why I felt compelled to cook up a storm.

I made him a very gourmet dinner which consisted of a three course meal:

1- White: Boiled chicken with onions, fresh parsley, sage and goat cheese
2- Red: Boiled beets with kale, red onion, lentils and zucchini3- Yellow: Boiled pumpkin, leeks, celery, and carrot with butter

Needless to say, little man gobbled this up. The entire thing! What a piggy. Sometimes he's a bottomless pit. He never says no, so I don't actually know what his maximum capacity is.

Anyway, as they say… Bon Appétit!

What's your favourite meal to prepare for baby? What are their favourite flavours? Please share your comments below!

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