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Good, you came to the right place!Hi, my name is Chantal Sarkisian and I am a new mom who had a sweet baby boy named Victor in Feb 2013. Join me on this blog to follow my new mommy journey while I am on my maternity leave. I'll ramble quickly about all the random thoughts that go through my head when I am feeding in the middle of the night, or trying to put my son to sleep. I'll also blog about my favourite things, give you helpful tools, and explore activities to do (mostly in the Ottawa region) with kids and maybe some product reviews too! Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Back to work, back to life...

... Back to reality! Preach it Soul II Soul! They were so wise for their time.

Well friends, today was my first official day back to work! So far, so good, but much planning and anticipation has gone through my head to make sure I start off on the right foot.

Keys to making this day a success:
  1. Plan ahead- From your shower schedule (switching to nights!), to your lunch, your work outfit and dinner. Have as much ready as you can the night before. You will be so thankful the next morning.
  2. Get your sleep. Or should I say, don't stay up late watching the Help until 12:00 a.m. (my bad! I love Emma)
  3. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to get caught up with all your  work on the first day. Today was Inbox cleaning day and urgent request day. I am very happy with the amount of work I put in today.
  4. Have a trustable person you can leave your children with. 
Instagram of my outfit that I chose last night.
Classic, comfortable and easy!
I woke up early this morning at 5:45 a.m. I got dressed, did my hair, had breakfast and made my lunch all in 1 hour. Then magically, Victor woke up as soon as Grandma came to look after him! He was happier to see her than me, and just fell into her arms. I thought to myself… THIS IS MY QUEUE! I better escape :) I wasn't insulted that he didn't want to see me, in fact, it reassured me that he was in great hands. I realize that I am extremely lucky to have my mother-in-law look after little V. But I am also not lucky to have been working during maternity leave. This is life's way of balancing itself out… a.k.a Karma.

When I got into work, I carefully sent an email to all staff to advise them that I was back! To my surprise, I had about 50 balloons dumped on me from the other side. It nearly scared the living death out of me. I rarely get surprised… well played Social Committee, well played.

It was really nice having lunch in the lunchroom today, a la yuj. A colleague asked me if I had made "the call" to check in… I was like "No?" hahaha. No news is good news! That's my motto and my way of staying relaxed. I am not the person that will check in every couple hours.

When I got home, Victor was so invigorated and happy to see me. So was I. I have to admit I got really tired when it was time to make dinner. I started prepping right away, in time for Michael to get the BBQ going (btw… the coldest day to BBQ was today!). I got a second wind after dinner, I must have been really hungry.

Me blushing after being surprised with a whole bunch of balloons dropped into my cubicle.
Me after a long day at work. So thrilled to have a parking space back
and to be going home after my long day!

Victor greeting me at the baby gate near the side door.
I was trying to capture his sweet welcome home reaction.

This is all I could get from him.
We just finished up with dinner; marinated flank steak with green beans and carrots. All planned ahead the night before and I even have some left overs for lunch tomorrow! Michael is giving Victor his bath, and I just finished cleaning up the kitchen. So far, it's 6:47 and all that's left are showers for mom and dad. I wish and pray that every day can go this smoothly!

Tomorrow, I'll be flying solo, because Michael has his night shift. It will look like a different day. No elaborate meals, more of a "fend for yourself/clean out the fridge" dinner. This is also my chance to head to the gym before work. Let's see how I do.

What makes you nervous about returning to work? Do you like work or prefer staying at home with baby. Do you have any tips to share? Please leave your comments below.

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