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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Heart Lists: Packing for Down South

As you may know, we just got back from a 2 week trip to Mexico, near Cabo in the Baha. This was not an all inclusive. Just to give you an idea of the style of trip, we rented a beach house with our cousins and chose that location to visit some family who lived near by.

I wanted to share some packing lists with you, because coming up with them was the stressful part that made me the most nervous, not the actual packing. I always overpack, that's just my style. I would rather have more with me than be missing something. Also, depending on where you are going, if amenities are scarce, it's better to be prepared.

The advice I have is try to travel on the plane as light as you can. Don't invest and bring many toys, because there is nothing that can entertain an 11 month old for a long period of time.

Going there I had V in the stroller, with a small purse around my shoulder. My husband carried the duffle bag that we used as a diaper bag and he also carried the Cabana play pen (12 lbs). We sky checked the cabana and stroller.

Coming back, I had V in my carrier with the cabana in the stroller and I used my beach bag as a purse draped on the stroller. Michael had the duffle bag (diaper bag) and new collapsable bag filled with goodies we brought back from Mexico! For some reason, my luggage was heavier too, so I had to dump more stuff in our carry on. NOT COOL!

For Victor (11 months old, and just weaning off of formula):
  • clothes (t-shirt, shorts, pants, sweater, pj, sox, undershirt)
  • swimsuit
  • blanket (2), sleep sack, pacifier, monitor
  • diapers for travel, wipes, rash cream, sunscreen
  • hat, lifejacket, beach towel
  • soap, bath towel, laundry bag, tylenol, ora gel, nail clippers
  • shoes, sandals
  • diaper bag, carrier
  • toys for the plane ride (small books, small rattle)
  • cabana play yard/playpen
  • umbrella stroller
  • formula, bottles, brush, spoon, sippy cup, bib, formula divider container, lunch bag, freezer pack, 
  • Food, snacks and water

Things I bought there for him:

  • formula
  • diapers and wipes
  • beach toys 
For mom:
  • cash, passport, credit card, flight info, travel wallet
  • camera, charger, phone, charger
  • books
  • drink cup/ water bottle
  • bathing suit
  • underwear, sox, bra
  • bathing suit, beach towel 
  • flip-flops, water shoes, sandals
  • t-shirts, shorts, dress, skirt, pj, workout clothes
  • sunglasses, sarong
  • makeup, tweezers, scissors, hair stuff, jewelry, hair dryer, brush, nail polish and remover
  • shower kit (shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair product, toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup remover, shower gel, face cream, Qtip, hair brush, nail clippers, pads/ tampons)
  • sunscreen, aftersun cream, bandaids, polysporin, tylenol
  • pants, sweater, scarf (chose traveling outfit that is warmer)
  • purse, backpack, collapsable bag or beach bag (to use a diaper bag) and duffle bag to use for carry on.

Is there anything missing on my list? Please leave your comments below. I'll be posting more about the trip as well and how travelling is with kiddies! Stay tuned :)

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