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Good, you came to the right place!Hi, my name is Chantal Sarkisian and I am a new mom who had a sweet baby boy named Victor in Feb 2013. Join me on this blog to follow my new mommy journey while I am on my maternity leave. I'll ramble quickly about all the random thoughts that go through my head when I am feeding in the middle of the night, or trying to put my son to sleep. I'll also blog about my favourite things, give you helpful tools, and explore activities to do (mostly in the Ottawa region) with kids and maybe some product reviews too! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to work- Day 2

Well, today was Day 2. Michael was working late tonight, so getting dinner ready and closing Victor's day was a bit hectic. I also didn't plan ahead with my sitter to go to the gym, so that sucks. But all in all it was a good day.

I went to bed early last night, had lunch ready and my outfit was selected. I woke up an hour late and just couldn't get out of bed. That's when the maternity leave dreamland swooped it's way into my head. "Remember when there was a time that you use to wake up, when the baby did?" "Remember not having to get dressed until 1 pm?" Wow, mat leave is really great. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of work, but it's a very cozy time. Blankets, PJs, sweaters, yoga pants, slippers… Mmmmm.

So I woke up, got dressed, did my hair and makeup. Sadly in the process I ripped my favourite nylons. Sad. Day. I was ready just in time to help Victor get out of his wet clothes, give him lots of kisses and take a nibble at his thighs. I packed my breakfast to-go with my lunch and off I went!

No time to warm the car this morning. Poor Black Betty. It was so cold, my door wouldn't close properly. Good thing my husband had both cars plugged in, or else she probably wouldn't have started.

When I got to work, the best thing happened to me: I FINALLY GOT MY PARKING PASS BACK! It's almost been 4 years! No more parking on the street, no more broken side mirror, no more parking tickets and no more wasted time stalking for a spot every 3 hours!

When I came home after work, Victor's expression was uneventful. He hugged his grandma goodbye and played in the kitchen while I prepared a quick bite to eat. I fed him as he played and tried making a taboule salad at the same time for tomorrow's lunch. What a long process! Victor insisted to feed himself with the spoon, which was cute.. but messy :S He's so refined, eating with cutlery and all.

Exhausted and sleepy, we cuddled on our chair as he drank his milk (holding the bottle himself, may I add!). He fell asleep in my arms and when he started snoring I knew it was safe to kiss his chubby cheeks. I gave him a few tight squeezes and put him to bed. No fuss and no tears tonight.

Well, time to watch some TV and get some me time in before it gets too late. Tomorrow is a new day, let's hope it goes well!

What's your routine when you cook for one? Do you have any quick meal ideas for your kids? Are you structured when it's just you and baby? Please share your comments below!

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